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OVA stands for occupational violence and aggression. It is sometimes called workplace violence. It refers to various forms of abuse, threats, and assaults that individuals may encounter while working that can result in physical or psychological harm. These acts can originate from external sources such as customers or the public, as well as internal sources like colleagues, supervisors, and managers. Read more here.

Resolution Education has trainers based across Australia and New Zealand who are flexible and can travel to your location. Our experienced trainers have successfully conducted training in a wide range of locations, including many remote areas.

Resolution Education training is based on the A.D.P. framework. This framework outlines the necessary skills and steps needed to prevent and respond to difficult situations effectively. It is comprised of three modules: Awareness, De-escalation, and Protection, which are all key components of an effective OVA prevention and response strategy.

Read more on the importance of utilising a training framework here.

Resolution Education provides occupational violence and aggression training, using the well established A.D.P. framework. Like VPM training, our A.D.P. framework works by equipping employees with the necessary skills to address difficult situations effectively.

Read more on the differences and similarities between both training frameworks here.

At this stage, Resolution Education does not provide private or public courses for individuals. Our training programs are designed for organisations only.

Resolution Education prioritises the inception phase and the chance to truly understand the organisation and its needs. This involves various pre-training processes such as setting up an Outcomes Meeting with stakeholders to customise the training collaboratively and then updating the training materials to suit, therefore an average timeframe from initial enquiry to when the training takes place, is approximately 3-4 weeks. Although, if you need training earlier, we will do our best to accommodate.

Resolution Education understands the difficulties surrounding rostering and having all employees available at the same time for training, therefore we offer a range of training options and customisation, including but not limited to adjusting training times and the overall length of training, splitting the training up over various days, and allowing varying numbers of participants per session.

If you are interested in having an environmental assessment, one of our occupational violence and aggression experts can come and assess your workplace. Following this assessment, they will provide a detailed report on any suggested changes that will ensure a safer set-up of the working environment.

Training Options

Resolution Education training can be delivered in a variety of ways, including face-to-face, virtual or e-Learning. We also offer half-day and full-day options.

Yes! Resolution Education customises all training through consultation with stakeholders. This process enables us to tailor various aspects of the training program, including but not limited to the training structure, learning content, and delivery method. Our primary objective is to ensure that the training is relevant and practical for all participants.

In order to provide De-escalation & OVA Training, Resolution Education requires a full day to teach all three modules of the A.D.P. framework. If you only have a half-day available for training, we can cover Modules 1 and 2. We may also split the full day of training into two separate half-day sessions if needed, with Modules 1 and 2 covered on the first day and Module 3 covered on another day. We can adjust the training content to best align with your training needs during the pre-training Outcomes Meeting.

The content covered is up to you as the organisation and is normally planned during a discovery session with relevant stakeholders. The only difference with virtual training is that we cannot do the Protection module of the A.D.P. framework due to the physical elements involved.

Virtual training generally covers both Modules 1 and 2 of the A.D.P. framework. If you choose to cover all the concepts listed in these two modules, the training will take approximately 3 hours. Training content and timing will be adapted during your Outcomes Meeting to best align with your resources, productivity, and training needs. During any 3-hour virtual training session, we schedule a 15-minute break for participants.

All that is required for virtual sessions is functioning microphones and cameras. This is because the training is interactive with plenty of discussion time, and full engagement ensures better comprehension of the training content.

A “Code Black” procedure refers to a major crisis or emergency in a hospital where there is a threat to the safety or well-being of patients, staff, or visitors. While the specific definition may vary between hospitals, it generally involves a response from the hospital’s emergency management or Code Black team.

Read more about Code Black procedures here.

Restraints are measures used to limit a patient’s movement or behaviour and can be physical, chemical, mechanical, or environmental in nature. They are typically employed as a last resort when a patient poses a risk of harm to themselves or others, and all other interventions have proven ineffective.

In our training sessions, we place strong emphasis on the non-punitive nature of restraints and the well-being of the person being restrained. We stress that physical restraints should only be considered as a last resort, after exhausting all other alternatives.

Participants will gain an understanding of the potential effects on individuals who are being restrained, as well as the guidelines governing the use of restraints. We adhere to all federal and state legislative requirements.

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