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Practical De-escalation, OVA, PIT, & Conflict Resolution Training Programs in New Zealand

Our De-escalation & OVA, Protective Intervention, and Conflict Resolution Training courses in New Zealand are practical, fun and informative. 

As an attendee of our training, you will be taught real-life de-escalation and disengagement techniques to manage volatile situations in your workplace and beyond.

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De-escalation & OVA Training

Resolution Education’s De-escalation & OVA Training is interactive and strategy-rich, designed to equip employees with a comprehensive set of essential skills. Gain the confidence and proficiency to effectively handle agitated and heightened clients, customers, patients, and members of the publics in various situations. Our training empowers participants to navigate challenging encounters with confidence and productivity.

Train The Trainer

Unlock your organisation’s potential with our empowering Train-the-Trainer program. Designed to give employees the confidence and skills to deliver high-quality de-escalation training internally.
In 2-3 days, participants acquire invaluable strategies for effectively managing challenging situations, following our trusted A.D.P. Framework. Elevate your training capabilities for lasting success.

Code Black Training

Health sector staff are faced with a range of challenging situations, both in the workplace and the field, which require sound de-escalation skills and a cohesive team response. Resolution Education works closely with healthcare professionals across different environments such as hospitals, clinics, and general and specialist practices, to provide staff with effective approaches and strategies to resolve difficult situations effectively.

Restraints Training

Resolution Education’s Restraints training is a specialised package that caters to emergency response teams, security personnel, healthcare providers, and other roles requiring non-punitive restraint techniques. Under the close supervision of the trainer, the training ensures compliance with state and federal regulations while prioritising the implementation of safe methods to minimise harm.

Conflict Resolution

Empower your employees with our Conflict Resolution Training course, specifically designed for individuals who encounter challenging negotiations, emotionally volatile individuals, or require enhanced communication skills. This course addresses a wide range of situations and can be customised to address the specific challenges your team may face. Equip your team with the skills to effectively manage conflicts and foster positive outcomes.

Phone De-escalation

Experience Resolution Education’s Phone De-escalation training, an engaging and content-rich course designed to equip your team with vital skills for handling challenging interactions with heightened individuals over the phone. Empower your team with the necessary tools to effectively de-escalate tense situations, fostering an environment where productive and constructive discussions can take place.

Active Armed Offender Training

This comprehensive course is designed to equip employees with the skills to effectively handle encounters with armed offenders. From understanding incidents to employing safety tactics and navigating post-incident procedures, we provide practical solutions to ensure participants feel confident and well-prepared. By implementing efficient protocols, employees are empowered to respond calmly and confidently.

e-Learning Packages

Our e-Learning Packages allow for independent study of two of the fundamental principles in the A.D.P. Framework – Awareness and De-escalation. We offer both standard and customised packages in topics ranging from De-escalation and Conflict Resolution to Induction and Onboarding. The packages are designed to give your employees a comprehensive toolkit with practical and legal strategies.

Conference Packages

Our practical conflict resolution courses are perfect for corporate team building activities. Your team will enjoy our hands-on approach as we teach physical and mental techniques to cope with workplace stresses. Imagine your team laughing as we take them through some fun and effective practices, imparting skills that will stay with them forever.

Policy Creation & Reviews

Resolution Education can assist organisations in establishing effective policies and procedures. We have developed ready-made policies that can easily be implemented in most organisations, but we can also help to create policies from scratch to align with specific organisational requirements. These policies cover a range of areas, including managing difficult situations, safe remote working, and handling physical incidents, among others.

Your Training Journey

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Training Structure

Resolution Education’s training programs and framework have four key differentiators:


Underpinning the training is the Resolution Education framework, A.D.P. (Awareness, De-escalation, Protection), which is easily scaled to accommodate multiple roles, participants and a range of delivery methods depending on the needs of the organisation.


A comprehensive understanding of organisational requirements, from a legal and Workplace Health and Safety perspective, guarantees that training is appropriately adapted to fit the context of an organisation’s specific environment and policies.


Developing de-escalation techniques that are useful and relevant to the situations employees encounter ensures they have a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills required to operate in their specific work environment safely.


Integrating theory and practice through role-playing scenarios enables employees to recognise their current capabilities and enhance their confidence when dealing with escalated individuals.

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Expert Insights
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