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Benefits of De-escalation & OVA Training with Resolution Education

Our training for community service workers reduces the risk of aggression and violent outbursts in the workplace, increasing the safety of both staff and clients in your organisation. We focus on collaboration within your team, making them more aware of their occupational environment and the dangers around them, and creating clear instructions on how to de-escalate or deal with difficult behaviour. Our training includes hands-on role-playing scenarios specific to altercations that may occur with your staff, in your facility, and in your industry. We also clarify policies, procedures, and legal requirements to ensure that employees know how to deal with aggression correctly and without causing further harm. After receiving our training, staff will have the confidence to not be afraid at work, and instead focus on their important role of helping the community.

Comprehensive De-escalation & OVA Training for Community Services

De-escalation & OVA Training in Community Services

Resolution Education’s training programs and techniques are based on our core value: that everyone has the right to feel safe in their workplace. For people who work in community services, aggressive situations are unfortunately likely to arise at some point. This may be from the public, or from clients, who can be minors, under the effects of drugs and alcohol, or otherwise pose a challenge to community services workers. It’s vital for employees to know, understand, and have the ability to practise techniques that de-escalate aggression, deal with physical altercations, and keep the organisation and those within it safe.

Our training comprehensively covers what staff need to know to reduce harm, specific to community services as an industry, and your organisation. We give community service staff lifelong skills that build courage and confidence in dealing with occupational aggression. Whether it is physical or verbal, face-to-face, or over phone/email, altercations are increasing in rate across industries. Resolution Education delivers tried-and-true training to help protect staff in community services, reducing the risk of these altercations occurring, and allowing staff to resolve conflict effectively.

We’ve trained:

  • Advocates
  • Case workers
  • Child protection officers
  • Community program coordinators
  • Counsellors
  • Crisis intervention workers
  • Halfway house supervisors
  • Personal caregivers
  • Social workers
  • And more

We work with each organisation before the training takes place to fully understand how they operate, which kinds of altercations they may be faced with, and what the best techniques are to increase safety. Our signature A.D.P. (Awareness, De-escalation, Protection) framework is used as a baseline, allowing trainees to build skills incrementally. This proven-successful framework helps trainees to remember lessons, and leverages logical thought sequences. We teach staff each level of dealing with aggression, from being able to tell when someone is becoming agitated, to dealing with aftermath of a violent outburst.

Since A.D.P. builds layers, starting with the basics of safety training and increasing in complexity, all staff members can attain the level of training necessary for their role. Resolution Education also focuses on teams being able to work together and being on the same page when it comes to conflict resolution, so all staff are aware of the role they play in conflict resolution.

Resolution Education has over 25 years of experience in resolution training, through which we have continually improved our techniques and teaching methods. We work with organisations varying greatly in size and in industry, so we are fully prepared to train any kind of community service organisation.

Resolution Education has a proven track record in the successful delivery of the following in community services settings:

  • De-escalation and OVA Training customised to workplace and remote area requirements
  • Personal Safety Training
  • Consultation with organisation representatives to ensure fit-for-purpose training programs and supporting materials
  • Face-to-face training, and virtual and video-based eLearning
  • Delivery of training to a range of different community services staff
  • Evaluation report post-training to determine success level (including the use of trainee feedback)

Training Courses for Community Service Workers

  • De-escalation and Advanced Tactical Communication Training
  • Physical Intervention Training
  • Phone De-escalation Training
  • Train the Trainer (have your organisation’s internal trainers deliver OVA and Restraint Training)
  • Customised Training for clinical roles (including support workers, occupational therapists and allied health professionals) and non-support working roles (including security staff, administration, front desk staff and volunteers).

We work with a variety of community service organisations, not limited to the following:

  • Aged Care Services
  • Child and Family Support Services
  • Community Centres
  • Community Centres (Youth and Adult)
  • Foster Care Services
  • Government Subsided Organisations
  • Homelessness Programs and Facilities
  • Housing Services
  • Remote Community Services
  • Roaming Street Services
  • Youth Protection Organisations
  • Youth Services

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