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Who Will Benefit From This Training?

Encountering dissatisfied customers is not a rare occurrence if you work in the customer service industry. Customer service roles require satisfying customer’s needs and often time complaints. As the main point of contact for all customers having the skills to effectively mitigate potential tension from a customer is important. These skills can be gained through Resolution Education training programs directly.

What Is De-Escalation Training?

The main goal to be achieved through de-escalation is to reduce tensions and anger down to a point where a constructive discussion can take place and problems can be solved. The best time to put the techniques to practice is when a person is first starting to get upset. Through training with Resolution Education, Customer Service Representatives will learn to recognise the warning signs of a customer becoming agitated and adjust their behaviour accordingly on time.

Benefits Of De-Escalation Training For Customer Service Representatives

Though the customer service industry runs on the presumption that the customer is always right, those who have to deal with them know that this is not always the case. However, telling this directly to the customer will cause them to get more frustrated and lead to an unproductive and aggressive confrontation. Reducing the risk of the customer becoming more worked up is more important than being right, especially when you are in charge of representing the values of the company.

By applying the simple communication skills covered in Resolution Education’s training programs, such as letting the customer vent completely without cutting them off or repeating their main concerns back to them, will make them feel like they’re being heard. It is important to understand that the customer is not angry at you but at the situation. De-escalation training for your CSRs will improve their emotional intelligence and help them not to take things personally, but instead, deal with them professionally and matter-of-factly.

We offer multiple programs such as:

  • Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA) training
  • De-escalation training
  • Conference packages

Our programs are fully customisable to the needs of your organisation.

Understanding The Customer To Satisfy The Customer

The annoyed customer sees you as the obstacle standing in the way of what they want. Learning de-escalation techniques will provide you with the skillset needed to diffuse the situation by making the customer feel like you are on his side looking for a solution rather than obstructing them.

Resolution Education’s De-escalation training program will aid you in :

  • Becoming confident in your dealings with customers that are acting out.
  • Gaining experience in managing different stressful scenarios that might occur.
  • Handling your emotions in a stressful situation.
  • Creating win/win situations for all parties.
  • Dealing with people who are influenced by drugs, alcohol, or have a mental challenge.

How Resolution Education Can Help In Customer Service

Training in de-escalation techniques can be life-changing if your job requires you to deal with less than ideal customers daily. This involves training in patience and recognising and managing one’s own emotions before you can begin to guide the customer into a calmer frame of mind positively.

The emotional and theoretical training provided in our de-escalation training for customer service will help you manage your own emotions and help you remain professional in high-stress situations.

Call us now at 1300 884 589 to find out more about Resolution Education’s training programs and decide which one best suits your needs.

Call Resolution Education today at 1300 884 589 for more information about our fully customisable de-escalation and conflict resolution training programs.

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