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De-Escalation Training For Schools

School administration is the center of all life at school, dealing with disgruntled parents to tensions between teachers. The stability of the administration will reflect throughout the entire school and with correct de-escalation training may lead to a poor outcome if not appropriately handled. Learning and implementing effective measures such as strategies of de-escalation offered by Resolution Education will help you guide every possible negative situation to a positive outcome.

Why Do Schools Need De-Escalation Training?

The main objective of applying de-escalation strategies is to diffuse the problematic situation enough that it becomes possible to have a constructive discussion aimed towards a positive outcome. It is crucial to make the other party feel like you are on their side and want to achieve the same goal as them, which is to have a favorable resolution of the problem. Through the extensive training programs offered by us at Resolution Education, you will learn to recognise the signs of aggression and interrupt the situation effectively before it escalates into a conflict.

Resolution Education De-Escalation Training Will Benefit Your School & Staff

The techniques taught in our de-escalation training programs for classrooms and school administration are based on the principals of psychology. It is not natural or easy to remain calm and professional in a stressful situation. Most people will react with emotion, which will end up fuelling the fire and escalating the problem further. Resolution Education offers de-escalation training for schools that will help you retrain your brain to see things differently and react in ways that will diffuse the situation rather than aggravate it further.

Resolution Education de-escalation training program for schools is designed to:

  • Equip your staff with empathetic listening skills.
  • Familiarise staff with the most effective wordings to use with someone upset.
  • Teach staff how to conduct themselves in a way that reassures the distressed person and helps them calm down.

Understanding & Implementing Different Forms Of Communication

Conflicts usually turn into a battle regarding who is right and who is wrong. As the authority, you must put the overall outcome of the situation before your personal interests. This is not easy to do, and staff will require emotional intelligence training to effectively work towards conflict resolution without being emotionally affected by the stressful situation. Making use of both verbal and non-verbal tactics taught at Resolution Education’s de-escalation training programs will aid teachers and the administration in significantly reducing the number of disruptive incidents.

Our various training programs such as physical and non-physical Occupational Violence and Aggression training, Conflict Resolution training, and De-escalation training will provide you with vital information such as:

  • What words to use when talking to a distressed individual?
  • How to listen actively and the tone of voice to speak in?
  • How to maintain the right mindset for the situation and how not to panic?
  • How to physically conduct yourself in a non-threatening way?
  • How to safely handle and subdue physically aggressive individuals?

How Does Resolution Education Help School

At Resolution Education, we offer extensive training throughout our various programs, which cover theoretical subjects like the psychology behind the effectiveness of de-escalation techniques and include role-playing exercises to act out simulations of possible negative experiences. Resolution Programs will help your staff be prepared in the event of unexpected conflict, and confident in their abilities to effectively resolve the issue.

To further explore our customisable training programs such as our Conference Packages or our Training for Trainers, call us at 1300 884 589 and determine which of our programs best meets your needs.

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